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Attention MET Riders - Effective May 29th
Due to the long-term closure of Hwy 63, MET Transit has to make some service changes on Routes 3 East/Green and 4 East/Orange to try to keep the bus system running on time in the event that the routes are delayed by trains. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Route 3 East

  • Route 3 East/Green will no longer turn on to Virginia St. and will stay on Longfellow Ave to W Donald.  The bus will then take a right on Cedar Bend to Broadway St.
  • Route 3 East/Green will no longer go in to the Greenbrier addition.  The bus will take Broadway back to Donald St.
  • Route 3 East/ Green will stay on W Donald straight through and will no longer take Fairchild to Burton Ave. 
  • The second trip through Mt Carmel will be eliminated after leaving HyVee. 

Route 4 East

**Route 4 East has added a new stop in the North Crossing Development.  The route will now stop at the Unity Point Clinic and Urgent Care.  Please note that the time point on the schedule is at :17 after the hour.  This time point replaced the E 4th and Lester time point on the schedule.  However, the anticipated stop times for the Gates Park area haven’t really changed.​

  • Route 4 East will no longer stay on Independence to Nevada St (inbound) and will turn right on Vinton St and then take Franklin St back to Nevada.  This will eliminate the problems with the train crossing on Nevada.  The time point for Independence and Vinton will be :31 after the hour.


Full Route Map Link
Click the image to view the Route Map (1Mb PDF)