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   The bus stops for passengers before entering intersections along its route. MET Bus Stop signs are posted in some areas of the community to help in locating bus stops. All intersections on a route are considered bus stops, unless it has determined to be an unsafe location to make a service stop.  If this is the case, the driver will direct you to a safer location.

    As the bus approaches, be sure that you are standing in a visible location on the proper corner. Please stay up on the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. You may want to wave your hand so that the driver knows that you wish to ride.  To save time, have your fare or pass ready to show the driver. Ask for any needed transfers before taking a seat. Please remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.

   To get off the bus, pull the bell cord one block before your destination so the driver knows where you want to get off.  After alighting, please wait until the bus has left the stop before crossing the street.  Cars passing the bus on the roadside may not see you..
   A transfer enables you to switch buses, to reach your destination, without having to pay additional fare. (Transfers may be used for one-way trips only, not for riding to a destination and using the transfer to return home.)  Transfers are good for the first connecting bu

   Need bus stop schedule information while on the go?  Use TextMET!  By sending a simple text message, you can receive a response informing you of the next scheduled time for each route that serves your stop.  To do this, just text the stop ID number +1 + # to the phone number 1-513-206-4102.  You can find the stop ID numbers on our new map/schedule or by going to the schedules page and clicking on the Route 1 through 9 schedule link. 
   For example:  You are at the mall at 2:10pm.  The bus stop ID for Crossroads Mall is 42.     Enter 421# and you will receive a message that tells you the next scheduled time for each bus that serves the mall.  The message will appear as:                                   
R511-2:25 PM  (5 Cross W 11th)
R5-2:35 PM   (5 Cross/LaPorte)
R10-2:25 PM  (10 HCC/UNI)
Standard message and data rates by your phone carrier apply when using TextMET.

30 day bus passes are available for purchase from all MET Bus Operators. 
The 30 day period begins when ticket is used in the farebox for the first time and an expiration date will print on the ticket.

Tickets are also available at the Central Transfer station located at 416 Sycamore as well as our office at 1515 Black Hawk St. in Waterloo 

 11 ride tickets are available for purchase from all drivers and at all locations anytime

By law, smoking is not permitted on the grounds of our Central Transfer station