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MET Paratransit is designed to provide transportation for people whose condition or disability prevents them from using MET Transit's fixed-route buses. To qualify for service, you must meet one of the following conditions established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

ˇYou are unable to get on or off a transit bus.
ˇYou are unable to get to or from a fixed route bus stop.
ˇYou are unable to wait at a fixed-route bus stop.
ˇYou are unable, for reason of a disability, to ride the fixed-route buses or to understand and follow transit instructions.

ADA paratransit eligibility is based on functional abilities and whether the person's disability prevents them from using MET Transit's fixed-route system, rather than medical diagnosis. It is not based on whether or not the fixed-route buses operate in the same areas or at the same times as the person may need. ADA paratransit eligibility will fall within one of the following categories:

ˇFull eligibility
ˇConditional eligibility based on the need for an accessible bus
ˇConditional eligibility based on inability to get to or from a fixed-route bus stop.

ADA paratransit eligibility may be categorized as seasonal, temporary and/or applied on a trip-by-trip basis, depending on each person's individual condition or circumstances. An applicant may not be eligible for MET service if he/she does not meet the criteria established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For more information regarding eligibility standards, click the eligibility tab under Paratransit.

Upon review of your application, an eligibility determination will be made and you will be notified of your eligibility status by mail. If you are certified as ADA paratransit eligible, you will be issued a certification card, which may be used if you travel within other transit jurisdictions.

If you are not eligible for service, you will be advised of the reasons for the determination and the procedures which may be utilized to appeal the decision.

Please note, in some cases, MET may require verification of the information you provide on the application form by a medical professional or other person familiar with your condition. MET reserves the right to require medical verification and to approve the credentials of the verifying party.


Met Transit paratransit service provides door to door assistance. All Paratransit operators are required to accompany all passengers to and from the door of their destinations.
To get additional information about Paratransit service, please call MET at (319) 234-5714 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM or 8:45 to 4:45 on Saturdays.

Click here to read the paratransit no-show policy

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