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Route 12 Weekend SafeRide

Runs every Friday & Saturday during the academic year and is FREE to the public.

ROTH Hillcrest Campus Courts Univ. Mills Ohio & Redecker College & Seerley Washington Between 2nd & 3rd St
9:55pm 10:02pm 10:04pm 10:10pm 10:14pm 10:17pm 10:26pm
10:35pm 10:42pm 10:44pm 10:50pm 10:54pm 10:57pm 11:06pm
11:15pm 11:22pm 11:24pm 11:30pm 11:34pm 11:37pm 11:46pm
11:55pm 12:02am 12:04am 12:11am 12:14am 12:17am 12:26am
12:35am 12:42am 12:44am 12:50am 12:54am 12:57am 1:06am
1:15am 1:22am 1:24am 1:30am ---------- ---------- 1:50am
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 2:00am  


The Weekend SafeRide and Panther Shuttle are brought to you by the Northern Iowa Student Government and Metropolitan Transit Authority. The Panther Shuttle is also sponsored by University of Northern Iowa Public Safety, Hillcrest Apartments and University Mills Apartments. To sponsor either service or to comment on operation, please visit or call 273-2650.