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MET Transit Routes are  now on Google Maps!

Click on the Google Maps link above and fill in the to and from locations. Choose the bus in the options section and start planning your trip with MET Transit!
go to or open the Google Maps app on your smart phone or computer.  You can then find directions in the same manner you may have used Google Maps before. You simply type in your start location (address or business name).
Then click on the directions icon:
 directions icon
Type in your destination (address or business). Notice above the directions you can choose public transit.
bus icon
(Note: If you click on Route Options you can choose the trip that works best for you. Clicking on “leave now” will generally show more walking for the trip.)



Route maps are available at the Central Transfer station and on the buses.  They are also available at many public locations in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, as well as in our office located at 1515 Black Hawk St.

The Route 10 HCC schedule is not included on our Route map.  This schedule can be found at all locations listed above.  They can also be picked up on Campus at the Hawkeye Center and in the library.

MET Transit System Map
Route 1 through 9 schedules
Route 10 HCC/UNI schedule
Summer Route 10 HCC schedule
UNI Panther Shuttle & Safe Ride

The UNI SafeRide provides free and safe transportation from The UNI Campus and surrounding student housing to College Hill and the Cedar Falls downtown area on Friday and Saturday nights.

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