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Bike Racks


Can't decide between biking and riding?  Do both!

All MET buses are equipped with a bike rack, which can hold two bikes. There's no additional charge to use the rack.  You are responsible for loading and removing your own bike. As the bus is approaching, please have your bike ready to load. Be sure to remove any loose items or valuables that could fall from the bike.

Important: Make sure the bus stops completely and the driver sees and acknowledges you before you step in front of the bus. Never approach the bus from the street side, as you cannot safely determine when a driver is about the leave a stop. Stay out of the traffic lane while loading your bike.

Boarding the bus:

  1. If the rack is empty, squeeze the handle at the top of the rack and lower it.

  2. Place your bike in the rack, fitting the wheels into the proper wheel slots.

  3. Pull the support bar straight out and lift it toward the top of the bike tire. Let the support bar hook rest on the top of the tire.

Exiting the bus:

Important: Let the driver know that you have a bike to remove, especially when exiting through the rear door.  Never step in front of the bus until you are sure the driver sees you.

  1. Remove your bike.  Fold up the rack if it is empty.

  2. Go to the nearest curbside.  Never cross in front of the bus; passing traffic cannot see you!

MET Transit cannot not be responsible for a bike that is forgotten and left on the bus.  It will be dropped off at Central Transfer downtown.

For safety reasons, bicycles are not allowed inside buses.