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Schedule Change

Attention Route 9 CF Loop Riders

 Beginning Monday June 19th there will be a time change on Route 9. 

Route 9 will no longer be meeting Routes 6 CF and 7 CF at 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after each hour. 

Instead, Route 9 CF Loop will be arriving and departing the UNI Transportation Center at the top and bottom of each hour.  

This change will add 15 minutes to every time point. 

Passengers will then have a short wait at the Transfer Center for a connection with Route 6 or Route 7.

This will eliminate the need for the routes to wait for each other at the UNI Multimodal Center if the buses are running late.

The new Route 9 CF Loop will begin at the UNI Transportation Center at 6:00am on weekdays and 9:30 on Saturdays. 

On weekdays there will be no midday Route 9 CF Loop service between the hours of 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM.


Please see the schedule/your driver for clarification. 

MET Route Alerts

6th and Main Cedar Falls (5/19/2017)

Beginning Monday May 2nd 6th St will be closed for construction between Main St and Washington St.  Routes 6 CF/Univ and 7 CF/Rain will use 5th St. between Main and Washington.

Attention Hawkeye Students (5/17/2017)

The Route 10 HCC summer schedule begins on Monday May 15th.  This bus will not be making trips to the UNI campus. The summer route shuttles back and forth between Hawkeye Community College and Crossroads Mall every half hour.  There is no mid-day service.
See 10 HCC (Gold) - Summer

Route 4 East (4/25/2017)

E 4th St is closed between Argyle and Lime St. Route 4 East will be using Iowa St between Dane St and Walnut St. 

Routes 1 West & 8 W Loop / Downing Ave (3/31/2017)

Due to construction, Downing Ave will be closed between S Hackett Rd & St Andrews Ave.  Routes 1 West and 8 W Loop will be using Sheerer between Sager & Downing.  

Routes 6 CF Univ & & CF Rain / University Ave Construction Phase I (3/23/2017)

University Avenue Phase I Reconstruction is set to begin again for the 2017 construction season. Beginning as early as Monday, March 20, 2017, the contractor will begin road work on the south half of University Avenue between Black Hawk Village and Hillcrest Drive by shifting traffic head to head on the north half of University Avenue from Blackhawk Village Entrance to Rownd Street. 
This may have an affect on where the buses can allow passengers to board and alight.  Please ask you driver for more information.  


Full Route Map Link
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