Proudly serving the Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa metropolitan area since 1972

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Route 7 CF/Rainbow passengers:
Due to safety concerns, beginning Monday July 2nd 
the stop across from Casey’s Store will be eliminated.
There will be a new stop on the access road in front of McDonald Supply (by Perkins). 
Route 7 CF will turn off of University Ave. and go up the access road and make ONE STOP AT THE DESIGNATED BUS STOP SIGN at approximately :31 minutes after the hour. 
This stop will serve North Star, Iowa Workforce, Pathways, Perkins, Casey’s,
and anybody going to the other side of University Ave (Beck’s). 

Please be at the bus stop on time, as you will not be allowed to board or exit the bus anywhere else in the vicinity and there will be no exceptions.   

We are sorry for any inconvenience
this may cause. 



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MET Route Alerts

Rt 9 CF Loop: Construction on IA 58 at Viking Rd / W 4th St closed at Hudson Rd (4/13/2018)

Nordic Dr is closed at Viking Rd.  Route 9 CF Loop will need to use Chancellor from Viking to Savannah Park Rd. and back to Nordic Dr.  

W 4th St is closed at Hudson Rd.  Route 9 CF Loop will take Hudson to W 1st St and Highland Ave back down to W 4th St.

Ongoing reconstruction on University Ave. in Cedar Falls and Waterloo (3/31/2018)

University Ave will remain open to traffic and the traffic patterns will be adjusted as needed in both cities.  Please keep in mind that Routes 6 CF/University and 7 CF/Rainbow will have to make adjustments as necessary concerning stop locations.  The buses cannot stop in unsafe locations.  Please consult with your drivers regularly for updated information..  

1st St is closed between Jefferson and Franklin St. (3/31/2018)

Routes 6 CF/Univ and 7 CF/Rainbow will be using Commercial to W Park Ave inbound to Central Transfer

Hwy 63 is closed between Franklin and Newell for 2 years (3/31/2018)

Routes 3 East and 4 East will have to make adjustments as necessary to be able to cover the route when trains are active on the routes. More information to come.

Full Route Map Link
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