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It's Homecoming week at UNI !

In order to keep students safe, there will be two buses for the Weekend Safe Ride on Friday and Saturday night.   

MET Route Alerts

New Bus Stops on University Ave (8/22/2017)

Effective August 28th Routes 6 CF/University & 7 CF/Rainbow will be using the new bus stops on University Ave in front of College Square and Black Hawk Village.  The Routes will no longer be pulling up to the HyVee.  Passengers can still board at the stop signs at Valley Park Rd in between HyVee and Slumberland at approx. :20 after for Route 7 and :36 after for Route 6.  The time points for Route 7 CF/Rainbow/Yellow will be :23 for College Square (on University) and :25 for Black Hawk Village (on University).

6th and Main Cedar Falls (5/19/2017)

Beginning Thursday Sept 7th 6th St will be closed for construction between Franklin St and Clay St.  Routes 6 CF/Univ  will use 5th St. between Franklin and Clay.  7 CF/Rain will still use 5th St between Main and Franklin.

Routes 1 West & 8 W Loop / Downing Ave (3/31/2017)

Due to construction, Downing Ave will be closed between S Hackett Rd & St Andrews Ave.  Routes 1 West and 8 W Loop will be using Sheldon between Sager & Downing.  

Routes 6 CF Univ & 7 CF Rain / University Ave Construction Phase II (3/23/2017)

University Avenue Phase 2 Reconstruction is set to commence. Beginning as early as Monday, March 20, 2017, the contractor will begin road work on the south half of University Avenue between McClain Drive and Rownd Street by shifting traffic head to head on the north half of University Avenue from the Blackhawk Village Entrance to east of Rownd Street. 
This may have an affect on where the buses can allow passengers to board and alight.  Please ask you driver for more information.   

Full Route Map Link
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