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MET Route Alerts

Change on UNI Panther Shuttle effective October 10th! (9/29/2016)

Due to high pedestrian use, The University is closing off the corner of 27th and Ohio to vehicle traffic.  The first on-campus stop will be moved up to the Campus St roundabout near the Rod Library.  The Route will now be able to service Panther Village after leaving the Campus St roundabout on the way to University Mills.  The University Mills scheduled time point will be one minute later. No other time points have been changed.  Please see your driver for more information and look for the new schedule to be posted on the MET website as well as the NISG webpage.  Thank you. 

Safe Ride change effective October 10th (9/29/2016)

Due to the closing of 27 & Ohio, after the Safe Ride bus leaves University Mills it will take Hudson to 31st.  Students can board the bus at Panther Village, at 31st & Ohio as well as Ohio & Redeker..

Route 10 HCC change effective October 10th (9/29/2016)

The scheduled stop at 27th and Minnesota at UNI on Route 10 Hawkeye will be moved to 31st and Ohio. 

Due to the contruction and heavy one lane traffic on University Ave in Cedar Falls: (8/31/2016)

Routes 6 CF Univ and 7 CF Rain will be using Main St and Orchard to and from Boulder Dr.  

Construction is underway on Downing Ave. between Sheerer and Doreen Ave. (4/27/2016)

Routes 1 West and 8 W Loop will be taking Sheerer back to Sager and Doreen Ave Downing to the regular route.

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