Proudly serving the Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa metropolitan area since 1972

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Wednesday February 20

MET Transit Fixed Route will run the normal schedule, but expect delays.
There will be no Route 10 HCC service as the college is closed. 
Route 11 Panther Shuttle is canceled
due to the campus remaining closed
the rest of the day.

Waterloo Hockey fans:
Ride the Waterloo Black Hawks Shuttle! You can catch it from the Courtyard Marriot parking lot to the Young Arena!


The shuttle begins approximately
one hour before the game

MET Route Alerts

Ongoing reconstruction on University Ave. in Cedar Falls and Waterloo (3/31/2018)

University Ave will remain open to traffic and the traffic patterns will be adjusted as needed in both cities.  Please keep in mind that Routes 6 CF/University and 7 CF/Rainbow will have to make adjustments as necessary concerning stop locations.  The buses cannot stop in unsafe locations.  Please consult with your drivers regularly for updated information..  

Hwy 63 is closed between Franklin and Newell for 2 years (3/31/2018)

Routes 3 East and 4 East will have to make adjustments as necessary to be able to cover the route when trains are active on the routes. More information to come.